​Earl Thomas may be the most passionate player in the entire National Football League. 

The Seahawks star safety is the heart and soul of the Legion of Boom, and the entire Seahawks defense to be honest. The All-Pro has shown time and time again that he is the go-to person for Seattle in any situation, and can always be counted on for a big play. 

Along with all of that, he's also arguably the toughest player in the league. Thomas has battled nasty injury after nasty injury, none as brutal as the devastating leg break he suffered against the Panthers last season. 

However, the past is in the past, and Thomas is dedicated to getting back on the field as soon as possible. He's already in the gym doing workouts, and put together this amazing video to let fans in on the action. 


I have literal chills just from watching that. 

The Seahawks once again have a great shot in 2017 to compete for a Super Bowl title, and those hopes will be contingent on Thomas being on the field and leading the team. 

Clearly, he has no plans of not being out there. 

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