​The last memory of the Montreal Expos was in 2004, when they finished last in the NL East and 29 games out of first place. 

Of course, the Expos became the Washington Nationals and they have won the NL East three of the last five years.

However, baseball could be coming back to the Canadian city.

A group of Montreal investors have been working to bring a team back to their beloved city, and on Wednesday it was reported they have met the MLB conditions to do so.

​​One person involved said, "I can tell you we are no longer looking for investors and that we believe we have all the ingredients to be able to welcome a team, be it an expansion one or one that already exists."

The A's and the Rays could potentially be options to move to Montreal. The A's have said they are committed to Oakland, but the Raiders said they were too, however. 

Last year, commissioner Manfred said he would like to add two expansion teams to make scheduling easier. One of those teams could be north of the border, clearly.

This will be an interesting situation to watch over the next few years. It would be great to see baseball back in Montreal.