7 New Logos for the Las Vegas Raiders

The Raiders are going to Vegas, baby! The only thing that's left to decide is what their new logo will look like and what their new name will be. Hey, Mark Davis, sit back and relax, Vegas style. We got you covered. 

7. Las Vegas Ragers

Vegas is all about partying until the sun comes up, then heading to the pool to keep it going. The Raiders would be foolish not to embrace the local culture with this logo. 

6. Las Vegas Trippers

Fear and Loathing in the NFL? Of course. Just ask the Patriots and Roger Goodell. As for Vegas Trippers fans, just drop some acid before the first game and watch the players amaze you with their insane ability to melt like wax right in front of your eyes. 

5. Las Vegas Rollers

If you don't play craps in Vegas, did you even really visit Vegas? The Las Vegas Rollers say no, and so do we. After all, who doesn't hit Vegas and immediately start rolling?

4. Las Vegas Tigers

Siegfried and Roy are Vegas legends. What better way to honor them than by creating a logo in their honor? The Las Vegas Tigers even have a built in slogan: "We'll Tear Your Face Off." 

3. Las Vegas Grannies

This might have been more appropriate in the '80s when old folks ran the slot machines in Sin City, but they've been pushed out. Still, a nice homage to a throwback time in the city's history. 

2. Las Vegas Rickles

Pretty sure Don Rickles has been performing in Las Vegas since the place was founded. Hell, he was probably doing standup in the desert before they laid the first brick on the strip. Give the man his due. Name the team after a true Las Vegas icon. 

1. Las Vegas Strippers

We could have gone with the more obvious "Las Vegas Hookers," but we decided to class it up a bit. The NFL is for people of all ages and professions. Let's just be honest about what's popping and call the Raiders what they are: a franchise willing to do whatever for money. Reminds me of another profession, I just can't remember the name of it.