​History is everything is soccer. Arguably one of the biggest insults in the modern game is the chant by supporters, "who are 'ya?", signifying a lack of tradition and plastic supporters.

With that being said, sport is still a business. Owners of big clubs are becoming increasingly more globalized with groups like Red Bull GmbH, who buyout floundering local teams with the intent of turning them around and re-branding them.

On Tuesday, one of the biggest global soccer conglomerates in the world, City Football Group, announced it was aiming to expand its reach into South America. This would be the fifth club under the CFG umbrella, with flagship club Manchester City still the pride and joy of the venture.

CFG stated there was much potential in South American soccer and has reportedly taken interest in Uruguyan second division side, Atletico Torque.

Aside from partnering with yet another club in terms of a business venture, taking over Atletico Torque would give CFG a farming and development tool through which it could groom local players for Manchester City. 

After the transfer of emerging Brazilian star Gabriel Jesus from Palmeiras was delayed due third-party claim by a former agent of Jesus', CFG hopes to avoid further delays in its transfer operations by having a local club in the region.

City would be joining a well-established market in football by opening a subsidiary club in Uruguay, yet the club has also announced intentions to expand into other emerging markets in China and India.

Regardless of what one thinks of City, the exposure they've garnered for both their brand and Manchester City is astounding and they stand to gain much in the way of money and player farming from this deal.