​Well there you have it folks...it's official. 

With the Rams and Chargers both moving to Los Angeles, the NFL's relocation movement continued on, with the Raiders as the next team on the move thanks to a stadium conflict in Oakland. 

After a last-ditch effort from the Oakland mayor failed to convince Roger Goodell and the NFL owners that Oakland was the place to be, the group voted on, and approved, the Raiders move to Las Vegas. 

The vote was contingent on the owners approval of various factors in the move, including the proposed stadium plan and the investors that will help execute the move. The Stadium is expected to cost $1.7 billion, which is actually less than the originally planned cost. 

A big reason the deal got done was the amount of money Nevada put up in tax payer money to make the deal happen. 

Now that the move has been approved, the Raiders can begin their transition from Oakland to Las Vegas. The biggest question is where they'll play in the coming seasons. It could be in the Bay Area, or they could move. 

It's only a matter of time before Las Vegas has another sports team from another major sports league. The NHL was first, we'll see who follows. 

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