​Oh, LaVar, you've made a massive mistake.

You talked all that trash about you, your sons, your brand, pretty much everything you could possibly talk trash on, all for this moment to come around and completely and utterly bury you in the dirt. 

LaVar may be confident that he can beat the likes of Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan in a one-on-one game any day of the week, but this video of what appears to be a rec basketball league says otherwise. 

Ball is No. 8 in red in this clip. You can laugh. 

​​Oh no sir, oh no. I can certainly see where LaMelo gets his inability to play defense from now. 

Luckily for Lonzo, he clearly had some other influences in his play style that didn't include is aging father trying to throw oops to himself off the backboard. And failing miserably. 

Listen LaVar, your kids are good, there's no denying that. But you're not, so I'd quit while you're still somehow ahead. 

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