LaVar Ball does not know how to shut his mouth for the life of him, it seems.

The outspoken, overbearing father of UCLA standout Lonzo Ball and high school superstars LiAngelo and LaMelo Ball has been making headlines recently for his brash and often outrageous comments. 

Just when we thought he had hit the peak of insanity, he went above and beyond even his own standards by bashing his son's high school coach and trying to take over the team.

​Can we all just agree that this guy is the worst? Like, actually the worst person in sports right now? Because I don't understand what the hell goes through his head that makes him think this stuff is okay.

If Ball wants to make outlandish comments about beating Michael Jordan in a one-on-one, or try to convince the public that his son should get a billion dollar shoe deal, fine, whatever, he can do it. He sounds like an idiot, but he isn't interfering with anybody's livelihood.

However, undermining A PROFESSIONAL COACH from the sidelines and calling him "hard-headed"? Trying to say that the reason the team lost was because the coach "was resisting him"? 

Please, save it. Ball has gone from sounding like an idiot to sounding like a full-blown authoritarian ruler trying to break anybody that steps in his way.

At this point, NBA teams are going to be reluctant to jump on Lonzo Ball because of how much of a nuisance his father is. 

This Twitter user put it best:


For all of his sons' sakes, I genuinely hope LaVar Ball learns to just stay quiet.