​We didn't believe it either.

Until video footage emerged of Jake Arrieta's supposed bomb off a brand name in Zack Greinke Thursday during the Cubs' face-off with the D-Backs, we assumed he couldn't possibly have launched it as far as rumored.

I mean, Arrieta's strong, but that sort of shot is usually punctuated by a Sosa hop.

Then the Cubs gave us the video. And yeah. It's true. It's insane, and accurate.

​​That's as large a jack as you can possibly anticipate coming off a pitcher's forearms.

This swing went slightly better than the time John Lackey tried to do his best Bryant impression.

​​Yeah, we'll take Arrieta in a slug-off if need be.

So, there you have it, Cubs fans. Fully real, and fully slammed onto the berm. So glad the Cubbies were helpful and linked us to this launch.

And a record number of folks saw it in real life.

Another banner day for a banner organization.