​If you've talked to a Patriots fan before, you know they believe everybody hates them.

The "you hate us cause you ain't us" attitude is extremely obnoxious, but true. Whether it's because they just don't like the cocky attitude or they blame the Patriots for making us sit through Deflategate for two years, the hate is real. 

Or, in some cases, it's straight up jealousy. 

When it comes to FBI Director James Comey, it's definitely the jealousy. While under oath, Comey admitted he hated the Patriots because of their sustained excellence. 



Tom Brady may be a fan after Comey helped find out who stole his jerseys, but that doesn't mean the feeling is mutual. 

Comey went into detail about it, claiming as a Giants fan, he didn't like just how great New England has been. 

Someone should remind him which team has been the only franchise to take down Brady and Belichick in the Super Bowl. 

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