​Well this just gets more and more interesting.

According to Jay Glazer from Fox Sports 1, the NFL and FBI have been searching for Tom Brady's stolen jersey from Super Bowl LI and wound up ​finding it in Mexico under the control of a credentialed media member

A few hours after that, they released the video they have the alleged thief sneaking into and out of the Patriots locker room. 

Watch for yourself below:

Glazer was told that the supposed thief is, "an international member of the media," but he seems to believe the man is not media personnel at all, but was posing as one.

In the video, ​​a man wearing credentials walks into the New England Patriots locker room after the game, entering at the same time as many of the Patriots' players and coaching staff. 

The man is carrying a backpack when entering, and when seen leaving the locker room he has that same backpack but also something else under his left arm. 

It is very difficult to tell if it is Brady's jersey, or even a jersey at all. But, this is definitely an interesting twist on an already-interesting story. 

I'm sure Patriots fans wish the face wasn't blurred out so they could get the guy, but they'll have to settle for the knowledge the Brady's jersey is on its way back to him.