Draymond Green has gotten his revenge. 

A little over a month after ​Warriors' center JaVale McGee created a blanket covered with a picture of Green asleep, the All-Star forward has come back at his teammate. 

Green revealed via Snapchat that the Warriors have some new toilet paper in the bathroom at their team facility.

Yep, that's JaVale. 

Andre Iguodala was the first to share the news about the Warriors newest wipers. Iguodala shared a similar photo over Snapchat, saying “I’m wiping my a** with JaVale, I guess.”

McGee has been welcomed to the Warriors as the fun-loving spirit, but he may have picked a fight with the wrong guy. 

In the latest battle of this amazing prank war, Green has come out on top. Will McGee respond? Will the shenanigans continue? We can only hope so.