4 Biggest Disappointments of the First Week of the NCAA Tournament

Every year, teams come into the NCAA Tournament poised for greatness, yet falter on college sports' biggest stage. This year is no different, with big name teams failing to deliver in the first two rounds of tournament play. Here are some of the biggest disappointments of March Madness so far.

4. Louisville

Louisville too fell victim to the upset bug. Ranked as a 2-seed coming into the first week of the Tournament, the Cardinals proved to be no match against the red-hot Michigan Wolverines, who came into the tournament as both a 7-seed and the lowest seeded Big 10 team to win a conference title.

3. Florida State

Florida State, like most of the ACC, faltered in the tournament. Perhaps the most depressing part of their failure is how easy of a road they should have had to the Sweet 16. The Noles destroyed Florida Gulf-Coast, but was then decimated by No. 11 seed Xavier. Not a great look for the Noles.

2. Duke

Duke has seemed topsy-turvy all season, but still came into the NCAA Tournament as a 2-seed. Even though they were on fire after winning their 20th ACC Championship, they couldn't hang with the South Carolina Gamecocks, who shocked the Blue Devils by winning 88-81.

1. Villanova

Consistently ranking amongst the top of the nation throughout the regular season, the Villanova Wildcats seemed prepared to be the first team in 10 years to repeat as NCAA champions. Their dreams (as well as millions of brackets) were busted when they fell to the Wisconsin Badgers in the second round of the tournament. 

As the competition narrows this week, more disappointments are sure to arise.