Having access to the clubhouse and the players is a major responsibility ​that comes with an expectation of respect for privacy. 

Every now and then, there's someone who abuses their power, and some former coaches and players have complained that former Orioles star Brady Anderson has been acting as a clubhouse spy. 

​​Anderson is the Vice President of Baseball Operations and works closely with owner Peter Angelos, but he is also involved in strength and conditioning with the team. 

Several former players and coaches have reportedly expressed concern that Anderson has been interfering with the coaching staff and contract related discussions. 

Former Orioles pitching coach Dave Wallace told Fox Sports' Ken Rosenthal that he likes Anderson, "But one of the problems is, when you have a role in an organization where you have total autonomy and really no accountability, that’s tough.”

It's clear that the role Anderson has with the Orioles is unique, and appears to be problematic. If Anderson is to regain trust within Baltimore's clubhouse, he may have to relinquish some of his duties, but we'll see what happens here. 

As a player, Anderson was a bit more reliable, making the All-Star team three times with the Orioles. He had 210 home runs and 761 RBI in his career. 

​Surprising to say the least.