​Colin Kaepernick is still a free agent. 

According to San Francisco 49ers GM John Lynch, he ​almost had a deal with one team on a trade, but it fell through.

Acclaimed filmmaker Spike Lee is not happy about the way Kaepernick has been treated in free agency.

The concern about Kaepernick not being signed because of his political beliefs and actions is valid. His national anthem protest ruffled a lot of feathers last season.

He wasn't alone in his protest, though, and most of those players still have jobs.

Kaepernick is near the bottom of the list of free agent or potential free agent quarterbacks right now. He couldn't beat out the mercurial Blaine Gabbert for San Francisco's starting job at the beginning of the 2016 season. When he did get back on the field, he had his moments, but won just a single game and wasn't consistent. 

In a pure play choice between him, Jay Cutler, and eventually Tony Romo, Kaepernick will finish last every time.

Kaepernick went to the Super Bowl in 2012, but was never the same after the 2013 season, winning 11 combined games over the last three seasons. If Kaepernick wants an NFL job, he'll likely have to accept being a backup, something he has been hesitant to admit.

Right now, his priorities are aligned with his public service work, which is perfectly acceptable. Perhaps he's not even interested in an NFL career anymore, sensing a different purpose for himself in the world.

If he wants to play and isn't signed to a backup deal by the start of next season, people can say something "fishy" is going on. Two weeks into free agency, however, it just seems that the market isn't out there for a quarterback who isn't going to win many games for an NFL team.