​It doesn't look like the Boston Celtics are over former star Ray Allen ditching the team just yet. 

In fact, it doesn't seem like they're going to be over it for a while.

At least, that's the vibe that Rajon Rondo gave to the press when talking about his decision to leave Allen off of the guest list to the party that he is holding this summer to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the '08 Celtics NBA title:


To be fair, Rondo (and the rest of the Celtics team) have a good point. Allen left to join the Miami Heat at the pinnacle of the Heat-Celtics rivalry so that he could win another title before retiring. His sense of loyalty to the team and the city of Boston was non-existent.

Then again, as Twitter pointed out, Ray wasn't the only person from the 2008 championship team to jump ship:

This guy is right. At the end of the day, almost all of the Celtics players that were instrumental in bringing the 2008 championship to Boston left. Yes, Allen was the first person to do so and also the only one to do so under his own free will, but that shouldn't matter in this case. 

The point of this celebration is to reminisce on the good times the team had while chasing the title. Leaving Ray out of the festivities just seems wrong.