For shame, Zeke.

Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott has been up to no good as of late, attracting repeated negative headlines in bizarre circumstances. His most recent foray into madness happened when the Coast Guard searched a yacht party the football star was hosting.

In all fairness, the Coast Guard did say they were just checking to make sure the Yacht and the people aboard met "maritime safety protocol," according to TMZ. Considering Elliott is a 21-year-old professional athlete with an absurd amount of money at his disposal, the yacht party is not surprising and actually kind of expected.

So what's the big hullaballoo? Well, the yacht incident was magnified by an earlier offense by Elliott this week, in which he exposed a woman's breast at a St. Patrick's Day Parade.

Sorry Zeke, but when you're a stud rookie like yourself and you do something stupid, expect the media to hawk you waiting for another slip up.

Hopefully, Elliott can behave the rest of the offseason while still having some clean fun. Watch out for the cameras, Zeke!