​Jim Boeheim has been coaching Syracuse for over 40 years. And he'll continue to coach them for the foreseeable future, it seems.

It has been reported that Boeheim is signing a contract extension beyond 2017-18, which was supposed to be his final season.

​​Syracuse did not make the tournament this season, but it looks like Jimmy will have plenty more options.

The team and university was admittedly forced into an awkward position before this, as Mike Hopkins announced he was leaving to be the head coach for the University of Washington. Hopkins had been named the head-coach-in-waiting of Syracuse several years back, becoming a clear successor to Boeheim's throne.

With Hopkins elsewhere, there's no longer a successor in line. Now they've got a little more time to look.

​​In addition to Boeheim's extension, Adrian Autry and Gerry McNamara will remain coaches on staff. Autry has been named associate head coach.

Looks like the era isn't that close to over after all.