​This has to be the final straw for LaVar Ball.

​When it comes to bragging about your children, everyone gets a pass once in a while -- unless you're LaVar Ball, who has been on an incessant and bizarre tear over the potential of his son, UCLA superstar Lonzo Ball.

​Lonzo is just a freshman, and although he's one of the most talented basketball players in the country, he's not LeBron James. Until proven otherwise, no one is.

​If you ask LaVar, however, his son Lonzo is the best player in the world:

​​In all fairness to his old man, LaVar did mention that he's unsure if Lonzo's 19-year-old body would be able to handle a one-on-one game with NBA superstars like LeBron James or Russell Westbrook; but he did go as far to say he would beat them "five-on-five."

​We're not sure what that necessarily means, but Mr. Ball is going the distance and touting his son as the best basketball player in the world right now. And we know Chuck isn't having of LaVar's nonsense.

​The proverbial "ride" that LaVar is taking the basketball world on is just plain weird at this point, and the jury is still out on if attention it has brought to Lonzo is a positive or a negative.

​Time will tell, but until then, Lonzo and his UCLA Bruins will compete for an NCAA championship.

​Here's to hoping LaVar allows his son and his team to enjoy the spotlight they earned this season.