There really isn't a single team in the NBA we can point to and claim that ​LeBron James "isn't very good" against. That's just a mixture of ignorance and enjoying getting other people riled up.

As successful as King James has been against everyone in the NBA, there's no team he's enjoyed destroying more than the Boston Celtics.

And this stat couldn't be more revealing.

Even if Celtics fans try to look back at the Big Three days, Bron was still a wrecking ball when he lost. Paul Pierce's greatest 41-point triumph back in '08 still technically lost the shootout, as James dropped 45.

From the best Celtics to the worst, from Bron's Cavs to his Heat and back to his Cavs, every time the King steps in the building, the outcome is always going to leave Boston fans looking something like a squashed Jason Terry by the game's end.