​There is no prospective free agent more intriguing than current Redskin Kirk Cousins. 

Cousins could be the piece that sets off a chain reaction of veteran quarterbacks finding new homes. Despite having a fantastic season, many believe the Redskins don't see Cousins as the quarterback of the future. Can't exactly understand why, but plenty of other teams would be happy to take him off Washington's hands.

​Some still tie him to Washington, while many see San Francisco waiting in the wings to dish off the No. 2 pick in order to bring Cousins to the Bay. Those are top two options, but that doesn't mean there's a long shot that perk Cousins' interest. 

According to multiple reports, Kirk Cousins could end up in Cleveland. 

​​Heading to Cleveland is usually considered more of a prison sentence than a free agent destination, but if Cousins is open to it, by all means, overcome adversity. 

Washington would have to pass up on signing their superstar quarterback for Cleveland to have a real shot. If he does hit free agency, Cleveland should jump on board the "You like that" train no matter what the cost. This team has cap space, and could use the stability he brings at the game's most important position. 

With a borderline 5,000-yard passer at the helm, Cleveland can then focus on the rest of the roster for the foreseeable future. 

That's something the Browns haven't been able to say in a long time. 

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