​This past week was very good for the St. Louis Cardinals, and it could get even better if things go their way when it comes to recruiting more international players. 

The team just signed Jose Adolis Garcia, a coveted Cuban prospect, who made his debut on Friday.

This has become a common theme for the Cards. They've now signed five international players over the last eight months. However, they aren't expected to be done in that department either. 

19-year-old Luis Robert is currently one of the most hyped prospects we've seen out of Cuba in a long time. Scouts are drooling over him. 

Robert mentioned that Jose Adolis Garcia was a guide for him, so he could be a key piece in bringing Robert to St. Louis. 

The deadline for him to be declared as a free agent is June 15th so teams like the Cardinals will be anxiously waiting for that to happen. 

Keep an eye on Luis Robert. He could be a future star for the Cardinals if they get their hands on him.