​During his playing days, Shaq was known for bodying players in the low post.

Now he's bodying stars on Twitter. In case you've been living under a rock the past couple of days, Shaq and JaVale McGee have developed quite the beef on social media. It all started with the "Shaqtin A Fool" segment recently blasting McGee once again. 

JaVale was not a fan of this. 

And Shaq clearly was not of fan of McGee's response. 

​​Certainly uncalled for. McGee has grown tired of Shaq bashing him, so he decided to let the big man know about it. However, Kevin Durant recently hopped in to defend his teammate.

Apparently Shaq got word of this and decided to respond the way anyone in 2017 answers to feuds these days: on Twitter. 

​​But wait, there's more. 

​​Things are truly escalating here. "He started it I'm a finish it."

Well then. Who knows what Shaq meant by this, but clearly he's not going to put up with any business from KD or McGee. Will either of the Warrior stars respond to The Diesel?