​The curious case of Tom Brady's missing Super Bowl LI jersey has taken an unexpected and bizarre twist.

​When it was reported earlier this week that Brady's jersey could fetch approximately $500,000 on the black market, the internet revived the search for the infamous fabric. The heroes at the world wide web have come up empty thus far, but Tom Brady himself may have just cracked the case. Because of course he did.

​​Edelman, you dog.

​Speaking of dogs, Brady and wife Gisele Bundchen's dog Scooby made the short list; apparently, Scooby is notorious for "always stealing [the] puppy's food." Sounds like a hardened criminal if I've ever heard of one.

​Who else is featured in Brady's lineup?

​Gollum, Jaws, Lady Gaga, "Happy Slappy" (the clown who stole Air Bud), Michael Scott as Prison Mike, and Crab People.

​My personal front-runners for the crime? "Creepy" Tom Brady, the sketchiest of all sketch art, and of course, the O'Doyle family from Billy Madison (1995).

Either way, whoever did the deed should probably lay low for a while:

​​Maybe Patriots' former tight end Aar-

...​Good luck finding your jersey, Tom.