​The San Diego Padres' 2016 season started off, well, terribly.

The eventual 68-94 Padres opened the season roughly 200 miles away from home, taking on the Los Angeles Dodgers in a three-game set.

​The results: 15-0 Dodgers, 3-0 Dodgers, 7-0 Dodgers. It was a clean sweep.

​Manager Andy Green wants to make sure that the Padres are ready to rock this season, so he's taking team-building exercises to a whole new level. That's right, get your paddles out. 

​​Apparently, the Padres are locked into a 32-team ping-pong tournament that features one showdown per day. Believe it or not, the players reportedly love it.

"It was crazy -- like a championship game atmosphere on day one,' said second baseman Cory Spangenberg."

So far, the showdown of the offseason pitted two heavyweight ping-pong legends against each other in the first round: newly-acquired Jered Weaver against face-of-the-franchise slugger, Wil Myers.

Weaver bested Myers in the match, but the Padres players understand that the results of the tournament are not necessarily the key takeaway: team bonding takes precedent.

​The Padres have their work cut out for them in a top-heavy NL West, but Green's preseason ping-pong tournaments could be the first step in building up San Diego's confidence.