​The Lakers have officially made Magic Johnson President of Basketball Operations, as he'll take over for Jim Buss.

As part of the move, LA has also fired Mitch Kupchak and longtime VP of PR John Black.

Now, Lakers fans ought to know Magic pretty well at this point, but do they understand the kind of basketball operations mind they'll be getting once he takes office?

Unfortunately, social media has not been kind to Magic. This isn't to say others have unfairly critiqued the Lakers legend, or called him out. No, he's done this damage all by himself, and the results are spectacular. 

Magic has an undeniable tendency to serve as the NBA's 'Captain Obvious'.

Now, Magic isn't wrong, but we already knew this. He tends to avoid major details, just giving you the most basic amount of information.

He's trying to be helpful, but did we need this?

Magic even comments on other sports! Check out this scathing NFL take.

Geez, calm down man.Here's Magic giving us his opinion on the team he'll now be playing a major role in.

But who do you think they'll take, Magic?

Okay, good to know. Those weren't the top two prospects, or anything.

While Johnson tends to just state the obvious, he also has some historically bad takes.


We all know how that turned out.

If only it ended there.


Two teams later, and we can now guarantee that was an epic failure. No GM in his right mind wants to touch Rondo.

But maybe his real specialty is evaluating talent. Let's see how Magic faired in that department.


Don't let #MenCare distract you from that terrible, terrible opinion.

Despite all of this, there's a good chance that maybe...just maybe...having a big name in the front office could help LA attract star free agents. Right Magic?

Okay, so the Lakers couldn't get LBJ, but what about another big name?

You don't say? The world is far more simple to Magic Johnson than it is to the rest of us. His tweets are the opposite of Donald Trump's.

Best of luck, Laker Land.