​It's rare that the public gets to hear an NBA player's opinion on anything other than basketball. It's even more rare when those opinions are rather, um, unusual. 

Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye have a podcast called Road Trippin' that they invited teammate Kyrie Irving to participate in just before All-Star weekend. They discussed conspiracy theories, and Irving's views came out into the light. 

​​In the podcast, Irving discusses how he doesn't really believe that the Earth is round, simply because he was told it was. He uses this same point to later explain why he doubts that the other planets exist, and that they rotate around the sun in such an organized manner.

It sounds like Uncle Drew is more fed up with the system and the way information is spread as is, which is a fair point. But considering he flies around the US constantly for games in a plane, where he can see the curvature of the Earth, it seems like a lot to claim outright the Earth is flat. 

Voice your doubts about the source, but that doesn't mean the information is wrong. He used this same line of reasoning when explaining why he doesn't buy that there are other planets in our solar system. And why the moon landing was faked. 

Kyrie isn't alone, however, with his views. There are plenty of famous athletes with out-of-the-box viewpoints on topics, like Ronda Rousey believing that the Sandy Hook Massacre was a set-up. 

Wilson Chandler voiced his support for Irving's view on Twitter soon after it happened. 

This is a perfect way to send us off into the week-long break from basketball. A juicy, controversial opinion, complete with conspiracy? 

It'll keep us amused until basketball comes back. Irving will now join the likes of Blake Griffin (Young Earth Creationist) as some mouthpieces to unpopular opinions. 

Can't wait for the questions that'll be thrown at him during the ASG. It might be the best part of the weekend! All the more reason to tune in.