​The man, the myth, the legend... the GOAT. 

Michael Jordan turns 54 years young on this fine day, and as the greatest and most influential basketball player that world has ever known celebrates yet another year, us fans can only pay him homage on such a date. 

What better way to do so than to relive some of his greatest moments, especially those that sometimes fall in the background. His amazing game-winning shot to propel UNC over Georgetown in the 1982 National Championship fits that bill. 

​​Even before he was considered the most clutch player in the NBA, he was nailing daggers as a sophomore at UNC. 

That beautiful shot form the left wing put the Tar Heels up 63-62 with just 17 seconds left, and the Tar Heels never looked back. Hey, GOATs are gonna GOAT. 

Happy Birthday MJ!

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