​When commissioner Adam Silver made the controversial pick of Carmelo Anthony to fill Kevin Love's vacant All-Star spot, he didn't do it alone.

So regardless of what Bradley Beal thinks, there was clearly a method behind Silver's selection.

He did it with the previous help of the coaches.

Beal, among others, was upset that he wasn't picked to fill the empty slot bound for New Orleans.

Silver, however, has used the coach vote in the past to fill spots that open up due to injuries. At the least, the commissioner is consistent in his dealings. Under the CBA, Silver has full autonomy for naming injury replacements in the ASG.

Unfortunately, the coach vote for the All-Star Game is not made public like the fan, player, and media votes, leaving players like Beal clueless as to who would have been the next man up on the ballot.

Beal is having a career year, while Anthony is clearly no longer at the peak of his powers. Anthony still carries a bigger name, though, and will do more to boost ratings for the exhibition than Beal would have done.