The University of Tennessee is currently undergoing what seems to be the longest Athletic Director hiring process of all time. However, there just may be some light at the end of this tunnel. 

As the Vols prepare for whoever will be taking over the storied program in the coming weeks, it looks like the decision has come down to two final candidates. 

According to reports, the University is on the verge of hiring one of two final candidates: David Blackburn from Chattanooga, or former Tennessee head coach Phillip Fulmer. 

Now, many Tennessee fans will likely be clamoring for the school to hire Fulmer, given his legendary 16-year stint as the football team's head coach, in which he solidly dealt with crisis after crisis after crisis. Heck, there's even an offseason competition named after him.

A better move for the team may be to actually offer BOTH of these candidates positions with the school. Fulmer is great, don't get me wrong, but he doesn't have the same administrative experience that Blackburn does. 

Perhaps a move that makes Blackburn the Athletic Director and gives Fulmer a top advisor position (perhaps Associate A.D.) would be the best move for the school. It certainly would make sense on paper. 

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