​LeBron James made it loud and clear that he wants more talent and depth on his team. 

​The Cavs still sit atop the Eastern Conference, for now. After their uncharacteristic January, Cleveland finds themselves only a few games ahead of the Boston Celtics. With Kevin Love now out for six weeks weeks, this team needs to reload, and fast. 

​The only problem is, if Cleveland wants to add talent, they'll have to give up talent in return. Not sure if LeBron knew that when he requested more playmakers on the team. 

​Now, Iman Shumpert could find himself headed to Sacramento, as the two sides have reportedly been discussing a deal.

​​​While this isn't exactly breaking news, everything takes on more importance around the trade deadline. The Kings have been linked to Shump since November as rumors swirled about Rudy Gay possibly headed to The Land. Gay is hurt, but that doesn't mean the Kings still haven't had their eye on Shumpert. 

It's unclear who Cleveland could be targeting from Sacramento. They've been looking for a playmaking guard since LeBron sounded off about the current roster, but with the Love injury, they could be looking to bolster their frontcourt. Or, they could be looking to free up a roster spot as well as some cap space to make a bigger trade with another partner.

​With the trade deadline looming, expect some fireworks to happen, with Shump as a possible victim of Cleveland's roster shakeup. 

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