​Thursday night's Celtics-Bulls game came down the wire, and was eventually decided by a foul call that was...well, nonexistent, really.

Need some proof? Check out the replay. One could argue that Jimmy Butler was touched on the elbow here, but that's a tough call to make given the circumstances.

If you think that's a foul, I'm not sure what to tell you. In the modern NBA, offensive players tend to welcome contact to get to the free throw line.

In his postgame interview, Butler clearly stated this was an action he learned from D-Wade...the act of leaning into a shot with the shooting elbow is an age-old veteran trick, but it shouldn't work with less than three seconds left in the game.

Apparently Celtics star Isaiah Thomas felt the same way.

Yeah, Thomas wasn't about to let that one go.

In a tightly packed Eastern conference, this result could come back to bite Boston.