​The Golden State Warriors and Oklahoma City Thunder played in a spirited blowout last Saturday night, which saw former teammates Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant go head-to-head. 

At times, things on the court got very chippy, especially between Russ and KD. The angst between the two left many wondering how they would compete as teammates on the Western Conference All-Star team.

Well, we still don't have an answer. Steve Kerr would not commit to playing Westbrook and Durant at the same time.

Kerr very well could just be messing with us here, but technically he could get around playing the two stars together.

Westbrook wasn't voted in as an All-Star starter, so Kerr will have to decide when to bring him in for the first time. Technically, he could decide to switch out KD for Westbrook every time, and vise versa. Although, that seems unlikely.

It's doubtful that we'll see Westbrook and Durant playfully setting each other up for alley-oops, but to think they'll deliberately avoid playing with one another is a reach, even if Kerr won't admit to it.