​Is there anything more insufferable than a Twitter egg who is obsessed with convincing you that disagreeing with him is a logical fallacy?

No. The answer is no. Chris Long now definitely knows that. He's been getting flack from them ever since he said he would not be visiting the White House with the Patriots, echoing the sentiments of other players who have said similar things.

Now he's getting the same DMs over and over again, and they consistently go a little something like this. 

That right there is a stretch that Stretch Armstrong himself could be proud of.

Long decided to spend Thursday night debunking common theories as if they were moving his emails to spam. Where do we start?

​​Okay, Chris, you have my attention.

To be fair, he started with the easiest one.

Burn. Although, it's tough to tell who's tweeting behind the egg.

Alternative facts!

But...but...you're missing the point?

This is true, we've all seen this GIF way too often.

Perhaps a slight exaggeration, but football players are often seen as entertainment before we take their personalities into account. Everyone's listening now, Chris.

We hear you.

We're getting an in depth look at Chris Long's life, while we're at it.

Oh man he went for the throat.

This, after everything Long said, may have been his best point. A winning sports team visiting the White House is there for PR reasons only.

This isn't a chance to have a face-to-face meeting with someone you loathe or admire. Let's stop taking it as a form of disrespect towards the current administration, and call it what it really is--their right.