​The Celtics were one of the hottest teams in the NBA, having won 11 of their last 12 before tonight. And they played well enough to continue that streak.

But Jimmy Butler led the Bulls to a last-second victory, on a foul call that Celtics fans will be none too happy with.

​​Quarter by quarter, this game remained close thanks to solid performances on either team. Isaiah Thomas had yet another 20+ point performance for Boston with 29 points, while Kelly Olynyk provided 17 off the bench.

Butler led the Bulls with 29 points, and Bobby Portis went 8-13 on field goals to give them 19 off the bench.

It was close until the end, until a foul call on Marcus Smart sent Jimmy Butler to the free-throw line in the final second of the game, nailing both free throws.

​​It was a big victory for the Bulls, but Boston fans complaining about the call might not be too far off. Take a look at the foul and see for yourself if this was something that needed to be called.

​​Not to take away anything from the Bulls. They played a solid game from start to finish and absolutely earned this one. But it's never fun to see a game end on a questionable call.