​There are some people you just do not want to be compared to.

And if you do get compared to them, you definitely don't want that person to then heartily agree.

But that's what has happened to Knicks owner James Dolan. After his feud with Charles Oakley led to Oakley comparing him to banned former NBA owner Donald Sterling, Sterling made sure to go on record that he loves the comparison.

​​In talking to the Daily News, Sterling called Dolan a "terrific owner" and said that "he does the best he can do, and unfortunately sometimes a player misunderstands. I was an owner for 33 years, and sometimes players misunderstand."

Players may misunderstand, but nobody misunderstood him after leaked comments led to Commissioner Adam Silver giving him a lifetime ban. He's a pariah in the NBA - and he's still probably more popular than the widely despised Dolan.

Sterling was happy to be compared to Dolan, who if you forgot recently accused beloved former Knick Charles Oakley of being both an alcoholic and an abuser.

Like attracts like, as they say. Or in this instance, universally despised attracts universally despised.