We may see a new League of Legends support in the bot lane for 2017.


In response to a request for more supports on the League of Legends forum, Anderi "Meddler" van Roon, the lead champion designer at Riot Games, responded that it was the company's intention "to release a champion this year who should work well in a traditional support playstyle." 

The phrasing though had some a bit worried and rightfully so, especially if you look at how the current bot lane meta favors champions that are more damage based lane bullies than the traditional archetypes attributed to supports.


While not giving any details on the new champion, Meddler took the time to state that his phrasing was intended to give clarity for what players describe as traditional supports and was certain that the champion would "get play primarily in in duo lanes and be most effective with an ally to lane with."

Meddler also confirmed that tanks were in line for some mid season updates. It's easy to assume that tanks that support in the bot lane could benefit from the coming changes. 

Divers were also mentioned as a strong contender for end of the year class updates, but Meddler wouldn't guarantee it. 

The bot lane has been a source of heavy criticism as of late, with AD carries feeling neglected in the current meta and a handful of AP carry champions seeing priority within competitive play. A focus on traditional supports could possibly swing the meta back into a perfect synergy.