As a 37-year-old signal caller who saw his cushy career in Dallas ripped right out from under him following one final injury, Tony Romo must have been preparing himself for this offseason since Week 1.

He'd seen Dak Prescott up close. He had a feeling he'd eventually find himself unwanted. And he knew he'd need to start drumming up a list of potential destinations to mull over with his overlord, Jerry Jones.

After a season of preparation, sources have now stated that, when Romo plots his next few months, he fully anticipates a release to kickstart the process.

​​Certainly, finding an ideal destination under these circumstances is easier than demanding a trade. It simply involves determining interested parties and pursuing those avenues.

And plenty more parties are interested in signing a recently-released QB than they would be in surrendering assets to Dallas for an injury risk. The Denver Broncos, for one, have already stated this would be their preferred method of addition for Romo.

Not to mention this saves the Cowboys a tremendous amount of money, too. Romo will be able to negotiate his current modest $14 million salary, while Dallas will get to split his $19.6 million ​cap hit into two pieces over two years if the release comes before June 1st.

Time is of the essence. And Romo, for one, certainly seems to have realized that a cutting of ties is inevitable and will be swift.