"Uncle Drew" aka Kyrie Irving is officially headed for the big screen.

​This has to be the ultimate power move in the beverage industry, as Pepsi has announced that they will be making a "Uncle Drew" full length feature film with the Cleveland Cavaliers' superstar.

For those who are in the dark and don't know who Uncle Drew is, Pepsi has been featuring Irving in commercials where he dresses up as on old man and goes around and plays pick up basketball. Irving blows everybody's mind, as he shows off his skills and moves.

Irving signed a deal with Pepsi in 2011 after being drafted No. 1 overall by the Cavaliers. Uncle Drew has become a national phenomenon, as millions of people have watched his videos on YouTube. 

It became so popular, that Pepsi started introducing other players. Nate Robinson, Kevin Love, Ray Allen, and Maya Moore have teamed up with Irving. 

During All-Star weekend, there will be a pop up shop that will sell Uncle Drew merchandise and a new commercial will air. Irving will star along side J.B. Smoove and former NBA player Baron Davis.

Irving isn't the only Cavaliers player that will star in his own movie. LeBron James will follow in Michael Jordan's shoes and team up with Bug Bunny in SpaceJam 2.