Kris Bryant has played his fair share of pranks on unsuspecting ballers, at the hands of the Red Bull marketing team.

This year, however, the tides have turned and Bryant himself got slammed with a classic prank. It involved some Hall of Famer named Greg Maddux playing the prank on Bryant. Maybe you've heard of him?

Maddux dressed up as a sound guy during a KB batting practice shoot. As the story goes, the coach tossing BP to Bryant gets a call and has to leave. Of course, a disguised Maddux then takes over hurling the sphere.

Here is the hilarious video you need to watch.

​​The best part is Maddux saying he has thrown BP to little leaguers during his time. He then proceeds to start impressing Bryant with his curve.

Bryant mentions Maddux as a legend who has previously played on that very same field, and as it all turns out, Maddux was also there that very day.

If this Red Bull trend continues, Greg Maddux will be the one being pranked next year!