​Adrian Peterson could be a free agent before we know it, and while he dealt with a lot of injuries last season, he remains an all-time great RB. If the Vikings don't keep him, someone will sign him.

Peterson, meanwhile, may be trying to take matters into his own hands and just straight up admit where he's interested in playing, if this tweet is any indication.

​​It's a tweet that's sure to put a scare in many different fanbases. Vikings fans are hoping Peterson stays in Minnesota. Cowboys fans, meanwhile, want him to come to his home state of Texas to play. They'd hate for a division rival to snatch him up -- much less the Giants.

The "interesting moves" the Giants have made have mostly been cuts, helping with some cap space. Most relevant to Peterson is that they cut aging starting RB Rashad Jennings. If they're not sure that Paul Perkins can handle the workload, they may look for a veteran to start over him.

That is, of course, if the Giants can afford Peterson. With Jason Pierre-Paul and Jonathan Hankins free agents and them already unlikely to sign both of them, would a big JPP contract render Peterson's potential desires to play in New York irrelevant?

Or are we just reading far too much into this, and Peterson just had the most vague thought that he wanted to tweet? It could be. But it might not be.