​Kyle Korver has been a solid, versatile player for a number of teams in his long career in the NBA.

He's best been known for his ability to make three-pointers. He made a bunch on Wednesday night for the Cleveland Cavaliers against the Indiana Pacers. And one of them made history.

​​That was Korver's 2000th made three-point shot in the NBA. He's just the seventh player ever to accomplish such a feat.

Five of those seven players are still active (Korver, Jason Terry, Paul Pierce, Jamal Crawford, and Vince Carter), but if Korver continues to play well he'll still climb that list. Crawford and Carter are tied with 2,010 three-pointers.

​​Korver's threes have helped him get over 20 points against Indiana. More games like that and he'll shoot closer to the top of that list.