No matter how long you play for the team, when you play for the Dallas Cowboys, you become a part of the team for life. And today, we say goodbye to a former Cowboy taken well before his time. 

Andrew Davison, who played for the Cowboys in 2003 and was a former star cornerback at the University of Kansas, has passed away at age 37. 

​​Davison has been fighting a heart condition for the past six years, and ultimately succumbed to the illness last week. 

After going undrafted out of Kansas, Davison spent time with the New York Jets in 2002 and the Cowboys in 2003, achieving his dream of making it to the NFL for at least a few seasons in his career. He was a four-year starter back in Lawrence.

Rest in peace to a true fighter who kept up his great attitude all the way to the end. 

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