​Thursday Night Football as we know it could be changing.

That should be music to everyone's ears, especially the players. 

According to reports, the NFL could move some Thursday night games later in the season (after college football is over) to Saturday night, which was one of the storylines that came out of Super Bowl LI.

The NFL struggled with ratings at points during the 2016 season, partially due to attention diverted to a polarizing presidential campaign. The potential schedule switch might be part of the league's response to the downed television viewership.

This could also be a strategy to appease players, as Thursday night games are extremely unpopular among the NFL's locker rooms. The shortened week during a Thursday Night Football game just doesn't allot for as much recovery time, something that doesn't sit well for athletes in an inherently violent sport.

There were also rumors the NFL was considering ending Thursday Night Football completely, though commissioner Goodell has refuted those rumors multiple times. 

Whatever the reason, if the NFL follows through on the schedule change it will put a higher quality game between two more well-rested teams in a better primetime slot on Saturday night.

Seems like a no-brainer to me!