3 NBA Stars Primed for Monster Second Halves

With the NBA season officially reaching it's midpoint, we could only hope for an awesome second half of the season. After the game's biggest names return from the All-Star break, we will see plenty of players continue to get hot. Of course, we expect to see Russell Westbrook and James Harden to continue their hot streaks with triple-doubles, but who else is primed for a monster second half? Here are three big-name players that could be.

3. Carmelo Anthony

Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony made a statement in his last game against the San Antonio Spurs. If this was Anthony's final home game as a Knick, he can say he led his team to its best win of the season. Anthony scored 25 points and hit three clutch shots in the final minutes of the game to lift the Knicks to a 94-90 victory. After all the problems between Anthony and team president Phil Jackson, Anthony seems to be looking the other way pushing his team harder. If he can continue to focus on only basketball, he could be in line for a monster second half of the season and prove the doubters wrong. 

2. Chris Paul

Although Chris Paul suffered a torn ligament in his left thumb, he will return soon enough, and when he does, we expect to see him have monster stats across the board. Paul remains the most important player for the Clippers. Of course, Paul should return slowly and ease himself back into the starting lineup, but his monster play is crucial to the success of the Clippers and you can expect him to return to form quickly.

1. Damian Lillard

With the recent trade of center Mason Plumlee to the Denver Nuggets, Portland is in a world of hurt right now. Damian Lillard thanked Plumlee for everything that he did for the team, and we can only imagine how many more shots Lillard and McCollum will be taking now. Lillard was also left off the All-Star team again, so you know he has a lot to prove. With a monster second half to the season and a playoff berth, Lillard can only hope that he can get what he deserves.