​What LeBron James wants, LeBron James gets.

According to a report, Cleveland Cavaliers ownership is ready to submit to his demand to improve the roster, even if it means incurring a massive financial penalty.

Dan Gilbert just will not stop spending. He simply doesn't care for your feedback.

The need for roster improvements has become clear if Cleveland intends to defend their NBA title. There was always a hole at the backup point guard position, and now power forward Kevin Love will miss the next six weeks following knee surgery, creating serious depth problems.

When James first made his demand of the Cavs ownership to improve the roster, several stories were floated about the team losing money during last year's championship run and about the repeater luxury tax threshold they find themselves in already.

Apparently, none of that matters to owner Dan Gilbert right now.

The only thing that matters is bringing a second consecutive championship to Cleveland, a possibility that would improve with some trades over the next week and a half.

Full steam ahead!