3 Biggest Hits From the Iron Bowl Rivalry

Auburn versus Alabama is easily one of the biggest and best rivalries in college football. The Iron Bowl has given us some great moments over the years, so much so that we've seen those moments more than enough times. We can't forget some of the big hits from this rivalry as well. That's why we've decided to take a look at some of the more savage hits from this incredibly intense rivalry. 

3. Courtney Upshaw Destroys Quindarius Carr to Force Fumble

This play features two future NFL stars in Dre Kirkpatrick and Courtney Upshaw. It's Kirkpatrick who makes the initial hit and Quindarius Carr keeps his footing, but Upshaw is their to finish the job off. I think it's safe to say that Upshaw did that, Carr was never ready for it at all. 

2. Tony Brown Lights Up Damian Lewis With Questionable Hit

Some of the biggest hits that we see in football are on kickoffs or punt returns because of the speed that these guys run at. Tony Brown is a former five-star recruit in both football and track which means he can pick up a lot speed. He dropped Damian Lewis like a sack of potatoes in the 2016 edition of the Iron Bowl. This is a hit that Brown will look back on and be proud of for sure. 

1. Tony Brown Gets Truck-Sticked By Auburn Player

Well, speak of the devil it's Tony Brown again. Unfortunately, this time around, Brown was on the receiving end of a punishing hit. He did not have his head on the swivel and he got lit up by an Auburn player. Let's just say that when these two teams play, they're looking to knock each other's heads off and that's exactly what happened here.