4 Places to Cry Away Your Sorrows on Valentine's Day in World of Warcraft

Oh, the magnificent day filled with love and chocolate is almost upon us. One more day and we can feel betrayed and lonely as our friends showcase their love on social media. At work, everyone can flaunt the flowers or gifts their lovers provided them as we sit their sulking. 

I hate Valentine's Day and I have a way to enjoy the dreaded holiday. World of Warcraft. 

Here are four places to travel to receive the love and devotion you're missing in your life. 

4. Opposite Faction's Capital City

Why you may ask? Well, as soon as you land, you'll be surrounded by people of all colors and races trying to share their love with you. Men and women will chase you around, waiting to give you their love. Be careful, people have died from too much love. 

3. Join the Lecherous Crowd at the Moon Guard Inn

Indulge in the pleasures of virtual sex. 

Flirt with 45-year-old men that are just wanting you to touch their young, smooth Night Elf skin. Could you find your soulmate in this crowd? Maybe, just be careful not to be Catfished.

Make sure to exchange pleasantries and verify their identity before you start planning to move to Canada together. 

2. Curl Up Next to a Fire and Read a Steamy Romance Novel

We've seen them laying around an Inn before, just sitting there, tempting us to open them. They are everything a normal romance novel is, but a billion times better because they are in the universe of WoW. 

Cheers to Marcus and let Nobbel87 explain his history. 

1. Log Off and Go Outside

There is a whole beautiful world outside and I promise you, it's worth exploring. Go out with your buds and grab a beer. Ask for a girl/guy's number and flirt away.

You may be rejected, but let's be honest, is it worse than having your character hacked and all your items sold? No. So go get em' tiger. Make the 14th the best damn day ever.