5 NBA Players Who Could Be Traded Before the Deadline

The Feb 23. NBA trade deadline is inching closer and, as expected, the rumor mill is flying with potential trades. Many trades are discussed, and while many never materialize, there are some that end up working out. With less a week remaining in the NBA's trade season, the time has come for some blockbuster deals to be made. Here are five players who could find themselves packing their bags and heading to a new team before Feb. 23. 

5. Shabazz Muhammad

Muhammad hasn't been able to lock down a major role with the Timberwolves. Reports suggest that he was offered to the Suns in exchange for P.J. Tucker, though no trade transpired. He has also been linked to the Pistons in the past, though the talks were not in depth. With Muhammad set to enter free agency this summer, Minnesota may be looking to acquire anything they can for the 24-year-old player. 

4. Danilo Gallinari

Despite  moving Jusuf Nurkic, the Nuggets may be considering another move ahead of the deadline. Recent reports suggest that the Raptors and the Clippers have expressed interest in Gallinari. Gallinari has a $16 million player option on his contract, though it is widely assumed he plans to enter free agency. Rather than risk losing him, the Nuggets may decide to cash in while they can on their Italian wingman. 

3. Jahlil Okafor

The big man experiment in Philadelphia may come to an end by the time the trade deadline reaches. Sharing a loaded frontcourt with Joel Embiid and Nerlens Noel has left Okafor as the odd man out. Okafor's inferior defensive skill set and inability to consistently corral rebounds has seen him sit out a few games this season. He's also battled some injuries. In total, the 21-year-old post player has missed 17 games this season. The former Duke star has been linked to various teams such as the Bulls and the Pelicans, though as of yet nothing has materialized. 

2. Jimmy Butler

No matter how great Jimmy Butler plays, he can't seem to solidify himself as the future of the Bulls. Butler finds himself the center of trade rumors yet again. Butler has been linked to the Celtics since the 2016 draft, and those rumors are circulating once again. Jimmy Butler would give the Celtics the superstar they feel they are missing in order to win the East. If the Bulls are serious about trading Butler, it would mean they are ready to enter a rebuild, and the Celtics own what is expected to be the No. 1 overall pick in the draft through Brooklyn. The trade makes sense for both teams and has been discussed several times throughout the season. 

1. Carmelo Anthony

The Melo to Cleveland rumors feels like a thing of the past now, but that doesn't mean he won't be traded. Melo has been linked to many contenders, such as Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles (Clippers) and of course Cleveland. Melo obviously has a massive contract and a no-trade clause, so a deal would be difficult to work out, but teams have been discussing this for over a month now. With the drama off the court in New York continuing to escalate, Carmelo has done well to keep his mind on his game. Anthony is celebrated superstar in the league and would be a great addition to most rosters, should they be able to work something out financially. 

Before you know it, Feb. 23 is going to arrive. Which one of these players will be headed to a new team? We'll find out shortly.