7 Best Assists of Steve Nash's Career

Steve Nash holds a sacred space in the hearts and minds of many NBA fans. Besides being a two-time MVP, he is also one of the best passers in league history, ranking third on the career assists list. In celebration of his 43rd birthday on Tuesday, here are the seven best assists of his illustrious career.

7. 2005 NBA Dunk Contest

Nash's love of soccer was his best-known off-the-court interest, so he helped teammate Amar'e Stoudemire out in the 2005 Dunk Contest with a classic header of the basketball. The dunk was impressive, but wouldn't have earned perfect marks without Nash's heads-up assist.

6. Passing Mark Jackson

There's nothing terribly fanciful about this assist, but it is iconic, as it moved Nash past Mark Jackson for third place on the all-time career assists chart. It also went on to be the final assist of Nash's incredible career.

5. Here Comes Chris Kaman

Nash found his flashiest side with the Phoenix Suns and was a star for the Dallas Mavericks, but he also played a brief spell with the Los Angeles Lakers, where he also found a way to dish magical assists to teammates such as Chris Kaman.

4. 2010 Western Conference Quarterfinals

The connection between Nash and Stoudemire became an iconic one for the Phoenix Suns franchise, as they worked together for a countless number of baskeks. In the 2010 Western Conference quarterfinals, they sealed the series as Nash executed an excellent pass for the slam.

3. Behind-the-Back to Frye

This is just vintage Steve Nash. He sees his man get to an open spot on the court and immediately unleashes the most powerful behind-the-back pass imaginable. How he did it throughout his career without anybody coming close to stopping him remains a marvel.

2. Fooling Everyone

As this play against the Los Angeles Clippers starts to develop, it becomes clear Nash is probably going to sling one behind his back. The direction proves to be predictable, but it almost comes as a hand-off to Jason Richardson, who knows just what to do with it.

1. Around Tim Duncan

Watching this assist never gets old. Somehow, Nash absorbs the coming contact from Michael Finley, moves the ball around Tim Duncan, and finds the lane for a slam dunk -- all without having absolutely zero shot at seeing the play develop behind him.