​For what feels like the past decade, the debate has waged on about who is the better all-time quarterback: Tom Brady or Peyton Manning. 

Obviously, the two QB's are both in contention for the best to ever do it. However, only one can reign supreme at the top of the list. And this past weekend, Tom Brady very well may have cemented his spot as the winner of this debate. 

I mean, just look at his numbers after that incredible 25-point comeback in Super Bowl LI. 

​​It's hard to come back from that. In fact, even Peyton Manning's former favorite target in wide receiver Reggie Wayne thinks the debate is over now. 

“Man, you know I’ve played with one of the best,” Wayne said about Peyton. "I go down on the ship with [Manning]. But it’s kind of hard to take that away from Tom Brady, man. This dude’s résumé speaks for itself." 

He continued, “I was quoted last week saying, ‘If he finds a way to win this game, he’s probably the best ever.’ And not only did he win the game it’s the fashion, the way in which he did it. Down 25 points? Come on, man. He set [all-time] records in the Super Bowl.”

When even your opponent's favorite target admits you're the better QB, you know the argument is over. Brady is the GOAT. 

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